Web-based application for managing fire and gas safety in facilities.

The SMC Sentry InSite is an intuitive web-based monitoring application that provides users with the ability to locally and remotely access their facility's fire and gas safety system online. 

InSite provides full monitoring of a SMC Sentry IT Controller and all connected detectors through a series of well-defined, auto-generated web pages. 

  • Web-based Application - securely access SMC Sentry InSite through your PC, tablet, or smartphone connected to the local Ethernet network
  • Local or Remote Access - designed to be run locally within a facility but can be securely extended to SMC Cloud for visibility anytime, anywhere.
  • Device Management - maintain complete visibility over statuses of all connected devices from one comprehensive web page
  • Connect to Building Management System - can function as protocol gateway using FieldServer technology
  • SMC Sentry IT and Classic Sentry Controller Compatibility - integrate InSite with a new or pre-existing SMC Sentry system controller for enhanced facility safety management